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Julia Pabst





My name is Julia Pabst. Just call me Jules and use the pronouns they/them, please. I am one of the five Co-Founders und the current Co-CEO of the social impact magazine amrand.at. My beat is: mental health, diversity and GenZ. 


I've just quit my job as multimedia journalist at the Austrian startup magazine Trending Topics to do my own thing. And my own thing is the social startup amrand.at. We want to bring journalism to the 21st century and fulfill the media needs of GenZ. We produce multimedia content about topics connected to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. During our first year, we focussed on social responsibility, in the upcoming quarter, we will broaden our portfolio to cover all SDG topics. 


Additionally, we are working on becoming the first fully community owned media outlet worldwide using blockchain technology. Nope, not just a buzzword. We really want to use DAOs to enable our readers to buy shares of our company and support our work this way.


We've been democratically organized from our very beginning, as we always discuss stories with all our team members and make decisions together. Hence, it would be beneficial for us to include even more voices and fresh ideas from our stake holders in order to produce even more diverse stories.  


​Furthermore, we are going to use NFTs to fund individual stories. By doing so, we want to become the first fully economically independent media company as we won't sell commercials to costumers and won't depend on government subsidies. We are community oriented and therefore a non-profit organization.

When it comes to diversity, we are already pretty far: Our board consists of two queer men, two straight women, one queer woman and one non-binary person. In total we are ten team members. Of course, there is always room for improvement, hence we intend to invite more people with other discrimination experience to our team. 

Sounds cool? It really is. And it's a lot of fun too. If you are interested in joining us: We are currently searching for additional team members with the right technical and administrational knowhow to support us. If you want to learn more about our plans, feel free to contact me! 

Now, a little bit more about myself: 

  • Born and raised in a small village in the Austrian alps.

  • I moved to Vienna for my studies four years ago.

  • I finished all forms of education with summa cum laude:

    • A-Levels in English, French, Mathematics, Psychology and Philosophy ; prescientific thesis about the Savant Syndrome at the BG/BRG Judenburg in Styria​

    • Diploma in Digital Photography and Editing at the LIK Akademie für Foto und Design in Graz 

    • Bachelor in Journalism and Media Management at the FH Wien der WKW 

      • Exchange Semester at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland: Focus on Contemporary Art Filmmaking

  • I've been working as a journalist since my 16th birthday:

    • Reporter and news anchor at Kanal3:

      • local TV-Station in Styria, Austria​

    • Intern at Uppercut:

      • creative agency focussing on social media marketing and multimedia production

    • Intern at ORF Steiermark:

      • local office of the Austrian public broadcaster in Graz, Styria 

    • Intern at ORF-ECO:

      • TV magazine about economics 

    • Intern and now freelance writer and photographer for Die Presse:

      • one of the biggest national Austrian newspapers

    • Intern and now freelance writer and photographer for trend:

      • most important Austrian business magazine

      • I wrote my first cover story during my internship at the age of 21 

    • Intern at the ORF office of correspondents in Brussels:

      • reporting about Belgian culture and the EU ​

    • Multimedia Journalist at Trending Topics:

      • Austrian startup magazine specialized in technology and sustainability

  • I have been running my own photography business since my 18th birthday (I am 22 now, by the way). 

  • I have researched and created the narrative structure for a documentary about the Austrian startup ecosystem at Trending Topics:

    • This research is the foundation for my work as an entrepreneur.

    • It made me and my team decide to found our startup not in Austria but in Estonia​.

  • Currently working on a multimedia project about mental health:

    • writing a book​

    • producing multimedia stories for other Austrian media companies 

    • producing a documentary 

  • I participate in every social event and/or organization possible:​

    • member of IG Alpbach Steiermark and Vienna ​

    • member of Presseclub Concordia

    • member of club alpha 

    • member of female factor 

    • supporter of female founders

For a more detailed CV go to my LinkedIn! 




Cover Story trend

The Covid19-Pandemic hit young people and their job perspectives the hardest. Although they do everything they can, they struggle to find a job that can pay their bills. 

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Cover Stories trend

Female networks try to overcome sexism in the business world through cooperation. 

Female finance influencers intend to educate women in money matters.

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Opener Trending Topics

The Taliban use Social Media to persecute minorities and  former supporters of the Western forces.






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